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Popularity of the Zillitar frame drum.

Updated: May 31

Resonating Through Time: Frame Drums with Jingles (Zills).

Frame drums with jingles/zills have left an indelible mark on the historical landscape of music. These captivating instruments, adorned with shimmering jingles, have traversed cultures and epochs, enchanting audiences across time and leaving a sonic imprint on the historical tapestry of music.

 The resonance of frame drums with jingles throughout history echoes their enduring appeal and cultural significance. From ancient rituals to modern innovations, these instruments have woven themselves into the fabric of diverse musical traditions. By embracing their historical legacy, we honour the rich tapestry of human creativity, ensuring their enchanting sound continues to reverberate for generations to come.

 The addition of jingles to frame drums expands the range of tonal possibilities, allowing musicians to explore new sonic dimensions. The zills produce a vibrant and rhythmic quality that adds depth, complexity, and an extra layer of expressiveness to the instrument.

 Steam and Lumber Zillitars are offered in a range of different sizes with variations in Zill combinations and set-ups. 
The most popular is the standard Zillitar which has four hand-hammered zills (Two pairs) embedded into the shell. On occasion, one pair is slightly smaller than the other to offer an alternate tone/pitch. These are our standard and most popular model of ZilliTar due to their ease of playing and perfect balance between skin and cymbal. 
Custom ZilliTars are hand-crafted on request and these can feature of variety of zill combinations depending on the players musical requirements and if the drum will be played in lap style, upright positions, or both. 

All of the zills/jingles used in Steam and Lumber drums are hand-hammered and use the best quality materials. To see the available range of ZilliTars visit the online shop. To discuss a custom order simply use the contact form to send a message.

Zills, jingles, small cymbals being fitted to a frame drum
Hand-hammered zills being fitted to a frame drum

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