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Rhythmic Reverie: A journey into crafting and playing frame drums.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The Rhythmic Reverie program runs over multiple dates/locations (See below) beginning in March and finishing in July 2024. Join musician and instrument maker, Matt Stonehouse for an inspirational journey into frame drum making and playing. Over the period of four months, students will prepare timber; handcraft their own frame drum; weave banding; learn the basics of playing techniques/ rhythms and enjoy performing Arabic and Turkish repertoire accompanied by Oud virtuoso, Yuval Ashkar. *No prior woodworking or musical experience is necessary. Featured teachers include: Matt Stonehouse Ilka White Alastair Boell Yuval Ashkar This program is the first of its kind to be offered anywhere. The course is designed for a small group of dedicated students seeking a unique experience—from milling timber through to playing repertoire. Modules and course dates: Welcome check in and program discussion with Matt Stonehouse: A one hour group check in to discuss the program. March 27th 6:30pm-7:30pm (Online via Zoom) Timber preperation with Alastair Boell: All beautiful wooden musical instruments begin as a tree. The first weekend of the program will be spent at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking (MGFW) with Alastair Boell and Matt Stonehouse. Students will be expertly guided through the milling, timber preparation and steam bending processes used to create the shell of their drum. Date/ Times/ Location: April 13th 9am-5pm April 14th 9am- 3pm MGFW- 14 Cottage St, Blackburn. 3 Day frame drum making intensive with Matt Stonehouse: These three days are spent handcrafting a frame drum in the beautiful bush surrounds at St Andrews. Matt's studio/workshop overlooks Diamond creek and enjoys an abundance of wildlife including Wedge tailed eagles (Bunjil), Black Cockatoos and plenty of Kangaroos. Drum shells are shaped using traditional hand-tools, zills (Cymbals) are hand-hammered before a natural skin is applied. *There are two 3 day drum making course dates to choose from. Date/ Times/ Location: May 3/4/5th 9am-5pm May 10/11/12th 9am-5pm Steam & Lumber Studio, St Andrews 3761 Handwoven banding with Ilka White: Over two days, artist and teacher Ilka White will guide students through the creation of their banding using a traditional inkle loom. The banding around the frame drum bridges the skin and the timber. It is highly personal and gives this simple musical instrument a sense of sophistication in design. Date/ Times/ Location: June 1st/2nd 9am-5pm Kangaroo Ground Centre: 25 Donaldson Rd, Kangaroo Ground. Weekly Zoom classes with Matt Stonehouse: These one hour classes will cover all aspects of playing the frame drum in lapstyle and holding positions. Students will learn a composition written for the frame drum. Classes will be recorded for anyone absent. Date/ Times/ Location: June 5/12/19/26 (Wednesday nights) Repertoire and dinner with Yuval Ashkar: The final part of the Rhythmic Reverie program will be performing repertoire with Oud virtuoso, Yuval Ashkar. The final day is broken into two parts- Part one: Frame drum ensemble with Matt Stonehouse and Part two: Middle Eastern repertoire with Yuval Ashkar followed by our end of program dinner celebration. Date/ Times/ Location: July 6th 12pm-5pm July 6th 6pm-8:30pm Dinner and music (Friends and family welcome) AKA Yoga 130C Nicholson St, Brunswick East Dinner venue tbc Program fee: $2995 Registrations and queries: E: M: 0401059272 Read more about the teachers/artists: Matt Stonehouse Ilka White Alastair Boell Yuval Ashkar

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